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Our fabric and leather range has been handpicked by ourselves to offer a wide selection of every type, style and price to enable us to help you make the perfect choice for your needs and taste.


All upholstery fabrics have a rub test to grade how hard wearing they are. We can advise you on what the right grade is for your needs whether it need only be occasional domestic for a seldom used bedroom chair or heavy domestic for a suite used daily with children and pets. We can also advise you on how a fabric will perform with use. Some very hard wearing fabrics may still have characteristics that may be unsuitable for your needs , i.e. shading or pressure marking on fabrics with a pile or how easy they are to clean or whether the pattern and type of fabric would work on your furniture.

OD = Occasional domestic – 6,000 rubs
LD = Light domestic – 15,000 rubs
GD = General domestic – 20,000 rubs
HD = Heavy domestic – 25,000 rubs
SD = Severe domestic/general contract – 30,000 rubs
SC = Severe contract Abrasion performance – 40,000 rubs


We can supply fabrics from the following manufacturers: